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The Closeout Parameter options include:

Default To All Registers - Combined Closeout for all Registers (the same as selecting Register #0).

Include ROA Payments - ROA Payments are included in the Sales and Drawer totals.

Check Transaction Lock - Do not allow Closeout Date/Time Ranges from before the Transaction Lock Date.

Date Range Buttons - The Date/Time Range Screen displays the Fixed Date Buttons (available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses).

Default To Save Button - Print Button defaults to the Save & Exit button..

Don't Save when Printed - Closeouts are not be saved when printed.

Disable the "Exit (No Save)" Button - Excludes the "Exit (No Save)" Button from the displayed Print Button options.

Open Drawer at Start - Displays an Open Drawer button on the Date/Time Range screen.

Open Drawer at End - Displays an Open Drawer button on the Print Buttons screen.

Don't Update Drawer - Maintain the Starting Drawer amount.

Default End Time Buffer - Defines how the Closeout Period Ending Time is set.

Reports ("Print Closeout" button) - Closeout Report printing options.

Purge Payments (Permanently Mask Ref/ExpDate) - Purge (mask) sensitive Credit Card and Gift Card data options.


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