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The Closeout Deposit setting defines the default amount to use in the Closeout Deposit Column.

Four options are available:

Payments: Deposit all payments received.

- Leave an Ending Drawer based on the Starting Drawer amount.

- Over goes into (or Short comes out of) the Ending Drawer.

- Deposit = Total Payments Received

- Ending Drawer = Starting Drawer - Over (or Short)

Count: Deposit the total amount entered in the Count field.

- Do not leave an Ending Drawer amount.

- Deposit = Total Count

- Ending Drawer = 0

Keep Drawer: Deposit the amount in the Count field, minus Over or Short amount.

- Over goes into (or Short comes out of) Count.

- The Ending Drawer equals the Starting Drawer amount.

- Deposit - Count - Over or Short

- Ending Drawer = Starting Drawer

Zero: Do not deposit anything.

- Deposit = 0

- Ending Drawer = Count


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