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Closeout - Date/Time Range

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The Closeout Date/Time Range function is used to set the period for which the Closeout is to be run. All payments entered on the current register during that period are included in the totals.

Enter the Starting and Ending Date and Time for the period to Closeout, then press [F10] or select the [Ok] button to display the Closeout Main Screen showing the Drawer, Payments, Total, Count and Over/Short columns.

Note: Use [Shift]+[F8] to set the Start Time to 0:00am and the End Time to 11;59pm to include a full-day time period.

Note: To enter the Closeout Module without creating a Closeout, select [Cancel] when the Date/Time Range screen appears to prevent the main Closeout screen from displaying and still maintain access to the Closeout Menu and Paid Out Menu.

If the current clerk meets the Change Parameters security level, then the Date/Time screen displays the Update Button. Selecting the Update Button saves the currently displayed Ending Date/Time as the next Starting Date/Time for the currently displayed Register. This is commonly used when running closeouts for earlier date/time ranges. If the Update Button is not used, the Closeout remembers only the most recent Date/Time range for each Register.

The Register field is used in multiple register environments to select either a specific Register/Till or all Registers/Tills for the Closeout. There are three basic options:

1 = Till #1 - The default Register.

X = Till #X. - Where X is any number greater than 1. Close out Till Number X.

0 = All Registers/Tills. - Combines all Registers / Tills together.


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