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Default Field - Defines the default Customer Entry field.
List By - Defines the default Customer Lookup List sort order.
Enter Customer First - Begin each sales transaction with the Customer Entry screen.
Use Simplified Customer Entry Screen - Display the Simplified Customer Entry screen (includes fewer entry fields than the Standard Customer Entry screen).
Enter Customer After Line Items - Display the Enter Customer screen when the Complete Sale screen is entered on new transactions if the current Customer is the same as the Default Customer.
Confirm Contact (Ship To:) - Cursor stops at the Contact Ship To field for confirmation.
Select Contact - Displays the Customer's Contacts List when multiple Contacts are available.
List Contacts By - Defines the default Contact Lookup List sort order.
Disable Customer Note - Disables the automatic display of the Customer Note field.
Confirm Price Table - Cursor stops at the Price Table field for confirmation after a Customer is selected.
Confirm Tax Table - Cursor stops at the Tax Table field for confirmation after a Customer is selected.
Skip Ok Button On Customer Entry - Bypass the Customer Entry screen verification (OK button) and proceed directly to the Item Entry screen after a Customer is selected.
Auto-Load Customer History - Gather Customer History information to display when the Show History button on the Customer Entry screen is selected.
Add Customer Default Is No - Changes the default "Customer not found! Would you like to add them to the database?" message response from Yes to No.
Display - Defines the fields to be displayed on the Customer Entry screen.


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