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The Purchase Line Item Entry Parameters define how Inventory Items are entered on the Purchase Transaction Item Entry screen.

Entry Field - Defines the default Line Item Entry Field.
List Field - Defines the default Item Lookup List [F2] sort order.
Stock Number CheckSum - Enables the use of an error-checking digit with Stock Number.
Description Check - Enable to locate a Description match in the Inventory Lookup List.
Confirm Quantity - Cursor stops at the Qty column for confirmation as items are entered.
Confirm Cost - Cursor stops at the Cost column for confirmation as items are entered.
Don't Check Max Qty on Edit Qty - Skips the check that ensures items' new QOH do not exceed their Max Qty when quantity columns are edited.
Copy Inventory Comment - Copy Inventory Database Comments to the line item Comment field.
Scan Returned Serial Numbers - Displays the Scan Serial Number screen when Serialized items are returned to the Vendor.
Ignore Inventory Deposit Item - Prevents an item's Deposit Item from being added to the transaction as an additional line item.
Matrix Items - Preload Grid with Order Qty - Automatically populates the Matrix grid with the Order Qty from the item's Inventory database Matrix grid.
Load Cost From - Defines the default Cost field used when an Inventory item is placed on a Purchase Transaction.
Merge Same Items - If same Inventory item is entered more than once, merge it into previous entry.
Recvd Qty Only on Edit Purch Orders - Enables receiving items on Purchase Orders by scanning the item barcode.
Default Qty = 1 - Enables receiving items on Purchase Orders by scanning the barcode of every unit of every item.
Default Tax Code - Defines the Tax Code assigned to Non-Inventory items.


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