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Purchase Manager - Parameters - Line Item Entry - Stock Number CheckSum

The Stock Number CheckSum Line Item Entry Parameter may be enabled to help prevent incorrect item entry. It works by calculating a CheckSum digit (based on the numeric value of the Stock Number) and adding it to the end of the Stock Number when printing price tags. This parameter is rarely used and is disabled by default.

When enabled, and a Stock Number is entered on a Purchase Transaction Item Entry screen, Keystroke:

- Sets aside the last digit of the Stock Number, on the assumption that it's a CheckSum digit.

- Uses the rest of the Stock Number to calculate what the CheckSum should be.

- Compares the calculated CheckSum digit with the digit that it set aside.

- Accepts the entry or rejects it as invalid, depending on the results of the comparison.

- Rejects a Stock Number without a CheckSum digit as invalid.

To enable this parameter:
- Select Parameters from the Purchase Manager Transaction Menu.
- Select Line Items.
- Select Stock Number CheckSum on the Line Item Entry Parameters screen.
- Use the mouse or the [Space Bar] to turn the parameter ON or OFF.
- Select [OK] or press [F10] to save.


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