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Stock Number CheckSum

What is a CheckSum, and why use one?

A CheckSum is a single-digit number that can be used to help prevent incorrect item entry by Stock Number.

CheckSums are only used if the Stock Number CheckSum Line Item Entry Parameter is enabled and are turned OFF by default.

If CheckSums are enabled, Keystroke does two things that it wouldn't otherwise do:

1- When Stock Number is printed on a Price Tag, the single-digit CheckSum number is calculated based on the Stock Number and printed at the end of the Stock Number.

2- When the Stock Number is scanned or entered on a transaction, Keystroke performs a second calculation using the CheckSum digit and the Stock Number to ensure they were entered correctly.

If the Stock Number was entered correctly Keystroke allows the transaction to continue.

If the Stock Number was not entered correctly Keystroke displays the Invalid Number message.


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