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Purchase Manager - Parameters - Line Item Entry - Entry Field

The Entry Field Line Item Entry Parameter defines the default type of entry data for which Keystroke prompts when entering an item on the Purchase Transaction Item Entry screen.

Items may be entered by scanning a barcode or by manually entering information.

To set the default Entry Field parameter select Parameters from the Purchase Manager Transaction Menu, select Line Items, click the Entry Field button on the Line Item Entry Parameters screen, choose the appropriate Entry Field from the list, press [Enter] to select it, and click [OK] or press [F10] to save.

To change the Entry Field from the default for the entry of an item, press [F9] to rotate through the following Entry Fields:

Description - no prompt
Product Code - prompts for Code:
Stock Number - prompts to Enter Stock Number:
Class - prompts to Enter Class:
Manufacturer - prompts for Manf:
AltID# - prompts for AltID#:


Purchase Manager - Parameters - Line Item Entry

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