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Purchase Manager - Detail Box - Item Detail

The Detail Box display option titled Item Detail [PORDET2.DAT] displays the following detailed information about the line item and its price:

Line# - The item's position in the transaction item list.

Unit - The Order Unit.

Cost - The Average Cost.

QOH - The Quantity On Hand.

Mult - The Multiplier.

Price - The Base Price.

Catg - The Category.

Dept - The Department.

Prof - The Percent Profit (calculated using Base Price and current Vendor Cost).

The Extended Description is replaced by the Matrix Item Description for Matrix items.

If the item's Weight does not equal 0, W= followed by the Weight is displayed to the right of the Extended Description. If the item's Weight equals 0, the W= is not displayed.

To set the Detail Box display to Item Detail:

- Select Parameters from the Purchase Manager Transaction Menu.
- Select Display.
- Select the desired Detail Box Display File Purchase Transaction Type button (Invoice, Order, Reserved).
- Select Setting Item Detail [PORDET2.DAT].
- Press [Enter] or [F10].


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