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The Purchase Display Parameters define the fields displayed on the Purchase Transaction entry screens.

Vendor Entry Box

Phone2 - Displays the contents of the Vendor's Phone2 field (not necessarily a phone number) on the Enter Vendor screen.
Rep's Name - Displays the Vendor's Rep. Name on the Enter Vendor screen.
Amount Due - Displays the Vendor's Amount Due on the Enter Vendor screen.
Vendor Comment - Displays the Vendor Comment in a pop-up window with the Enter Vendor screen.

Line Items

Default to Purchase Orders - Forces each new Purchase Transaction to begin as a Purchase Order.
Disable Purchase Orders - Create Purchase Invoices only.
Always Display Order Totals - Displays Order totals even when Rcvd quantities are entered.
No Purchase Tax - Do not calculate or display Purchase Tax.
1st Column - Defines the field(s) to be displayed in the left column of the Purchase Transaction Item Entry screen.
Screen Modes - Defines the columns and formats to be displayed for each Purchase Transaction Type's Item Entry screen.

Complete Purchase Transaction screen Display Parameters

Payments - Displays the Payments Tendered box on the Complete Purchase Transaction screen.
Invoice Number - Displays the Invoice No. field.
Store Number - Displays the Store Number & Name (for use with MultiStore).
Discount - Displays the Disc fields.
Shipping - Displays the Shipping field.
On Account - Displays the total On Account amount due (the sum of all credit type payments).
Order Date - Displays the Order Date & Time fields.
Expected On Date - Displays the Expected On date field.
Not Before Date - Displays the Not Before date field.
Not After Date - Displays the Not After date field.
Editable Tax - Displays the Tax field in editable format.

Detail Box Display Files

Detail Box - Defines the Line Item information to be displayed in each Purchase Transaction Type's Line Item Detail Box.

Auto Logout Time - Defines the number of minutes of inactivity required before the Clerk must login again.


Purchase Manager - Parameters

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