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Commission Tables define Sales Commission amounts based on the following factors:

- Inventory Items
- Clerks/Salespeople
- Date/Time of a Sale
- Gross Revenue
- Profit
- Quantity Sold
- Dollar Amount Sold

Commission Tables may be setup at any time and still affect older sales because Commission Table Formulas calculate sales commissions through reports. Keep in mind that an inventory item's commission code is saved with the Sales Transaction - Line Item Detail information when the item is sold.

Commission Tables contain three main components.

Commission Tables:

Commission Tables are assigned to Clerks by the Clerk Database record Commission Table field. Each Commission Table contains at least one Commission Formula. The formula defines the Sales Commission to be paid (for items which are defined by Commission Codes).

Commission Codes:

Commission Codes are assigned to Inventory items by the Inventory Database record Commission Code field. Commission Codes define the items for which Sales Commission should or should not be paid by the Commission Formula.

Commission Formulas:

Commission Formulas define the amount of Sales Commission to pay. Each Commission Formula applies to a specific Commission Code.

In Summary:

The Commission Table's Commission Formula says a certain Commission amount should be paid to the Clerks included by the Commission Table when they sell items defined by the formula's Commission Code.

Note: The actual Commission amounts to be paid to Clerks are not calculated or displayed until the Salesperson Report is run with the Subtotal option set to Commission Code and the Commission option set to something other than None.

For Example:

A Clerk/Salesperson (Commission Table S) is paid commission when selling appliances (Commission Code A) and receives 15% of the Profit (Commission Formula).

After a Clerk has sold Inventory Items, the Salesperson Report checks the Clerk's Commission Table to see if it includes Formulas for the Commission Codes of the items. It then uses the Formula(s) to calculate the Commission Dollar Amount that the Clerk is due to receive. This results in a Commission Amount representing the total of all applicable Commission Formulas. In other words, Commissions are cumulative (they are added together). A Clerk may receive 15% of the Profit of a sale plus an additional $5 per transaction.


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