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Commission Tables contain Commission Formulas that define Sales Commission amounts paid to Clerks.

Setting up Commission Formulas:

- Select Commission from the Configuration Manager Tables menu.

- Select Tables (Clerks) to display the Commission Tables screen showing the list of Commission Tables currently available.

- Select a Commission Table from the list and press [Enter] to display the Commission Table screen.

- Navigate to the Commission Formulas box on the Commission Table screen. The Commission Formulas box displays the following details about each formula in the Commission Table: Formula Name, Commission Code, and Commission Amount. Press [F9] to restrict the Formulas displayed to only current formulas. Press [Ctrl]+[Home] to display only formulas valid for specified date. Press [Ins] to create a new Commission Formula (press [F3] or [Enter] to edit an existing Formula, or press [Del] to delete a Formula).

- On the Commission Formula screen, press [Ins] in the Commission Code field to select a Commission Code from the Commission Code list or enter the "*" character for ALL COMMISSION CODES.

- Enter a descriptive name for the Formula in the Formula Name field.

- Enter the Commission Amount in the Amount field.

- Select the Based On button and press [Enter] to select the method with which the Commission Amount is to be calculated.

- The Minimum Sale field is used to define the minimum amount required before the formula becomes effective.

- Select the Min Based On button and press [Enter] to select the type of Minimum Sale required.

- Enter a Date Range for which the Commission Formula is to be effective.

- Enable the Subtract Minimum setting to apply Commission to only the amount above the Minimum Sale amount.


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