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Commission Codes are used by Commission Formulas to define how Inventory Item sales commissions are to be paid. They define the items to which a Commission Formula applies. A Commission Code may be defined by a single character (i.e. H=Hardware) or up to 4 characters (i.e. BOOK=All Book Items).

Setting up Commission Codes:

- Select Commission from the Configuration Manager Tables menu.

- Select Codes (Inventory) to display the Commission Codes (Inventory) screen showing the list of Commission Codes currently available.

- On the Commission Codes (Inventory) screen, press [Ins] to create a new Commission Code (press [F3] or [Enter] to edit an existing Commission Code's Name, or press [Del] to delete a Commission Code).

- On the Commission Code screen, enter 1 to 4 characters in the Code field to define the Commission Code. It is recommended to use A-Z and 1-9 numbering for codes. If no more A-Z / 1-9 code combinations are available, press [Ins] in the Code field to display the list of available ASCII characters. A Commission Code may be designated by any character as long as it is not already being used.

Note: The wild-card character "*" may be used in a Commission Code to identify groups of Inventory Items. For example, Commission Code TH could be used to group Tools - Handtools items and Commission Code TP to group Tools - Powertools items. Commission Code T* may then be used by a Commission Formula to include both TH and TP items in a single formula where all Tools pay the same Commission.

- Enter a descriptive name for the Commission Code in the Name field.


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