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The Auto Order function provides the ability to automatically generate a Purchase Order containing suggested Quantities and Costs for items that need to be ordered based on their current Quantity On Hand, Quantity On Order, and Minimum Quantity.

- To access the Auto Order function, open a blank Purchase Order or Purchase Invoice and then select Auto Order from the Special menu or press [Shift]+[F8] to display the Auto Order screen.

The Auto Order screen:

- If a Vendor has already been selected for the Purchase Transaction, the Vendor Number and Vendor Name are displayed in the Vendor option on the Auto Order screen.

- If a Vendor has not yet been selected for the Purchase Transaction, or if a different Vendor is desired, select the Vendor button at the top of the Auto Order screen to display the Enter Vendor screen.

Note: If no Vendor is selected (the Vendor setting displays - 0:Cash), Auto Order creates a Purchase Order for all Inventory items that are below minimum quantity.

- The following options on the Auto Order screen may be changed or left at their default values:

Sort By - Define the item Sort Order and optional Range.
Filter - Select only items that satisfy certain conditions.
Vendor Line 1 - 4 - Check the indicated line in the item's Vendor list.
Ignore Inventory Order Interval - If enabled, the Inventory item's Order Interval field, which represents the minimum number of days required between Purchase Orders, is ignored and items may be included even if they have been recently ordered.

- Select OK or press [F10] and Keystroke automatically generates a Purchase Order for the Vendor.

An Inventory item is included on the Auto Order if:
- The Vendor is on the item's Vendor list.
- The item's current Minimum Quantity is greater than the sum of its Quantity On Hand plus Quantity On Order.

- Make any adjustments to quantities or costs as required before saving the Purchase Order.


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