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Purchase Manager - Auto Order - Vendor Line 1-4

When any of the Vendor Lines (1, 2, 3 or 4) are enabled, the indicated lines on the Inventory item's Vendor Information List are checked.

Each Inventory item has its own Vendor Information List. Each Vendor List has four entries. Each entry is displayed on a different line and contains information for one Vendor.

If a Vendor Line is enabled on the Auto Order screen (marked with an X), Keystroke checks that line in each item's Vendor Information List to determine if it contains the Vendor for which the Auto Order has been configured.

If a Vendor Line is not enabled on the Auto Order screen, Keystroke ignores that line when checking the Vendor Lists.

The Vendor Line settings are normally used when Vendors for each item are listed in the Vendor Information List in order of preference or priority, and the Rotate Vendors Update Parameter is disabled (to prevent the order of the Vendors on the list from changing).

When the Rotate Vendors Update Parameters is enabled (so that the most recently-used Vendors are at the top of the list), only the most recent Vendors may be included for selection.

To configure the Auto Order to include all of the positions on the Vendor Information List, enable all four Vendor Line settings (mark with an X).

To configure the Auto Order to include all items with below-minimum quantities, regardless of which Vendors are assigned to them, disable all four Vendor Line settings (none are marked with an X).


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