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Labels - Printing Price Tags & Mailing Labels

Identify the types of labels required (price tags, shelf tags, mailing/shipping labels) and set them up in Label Manager under their respective menus: Price, Matrix, and Labels. Price and shelf tags for regular, non-Matrix Inventory Items are set up and printed from the Price Menu. Price tags for Matrix Inventory Items are set up and printed from the Matrix Menu. There are many price tag formats from which to choose, with and without barcodes. There are also many examples of price tag formats for use with specialty label printers such as Eltron/Zebra, Godex, Ithaca, and others. In addition to being able to print Price Tags by Item, Price Tags can also be conveniently printed by Purchase Transaction and Received Quantities, and even by Sales Transaction, greatly simplifying the printing process.

If at least one price tag has been previously saved using the [Add New Settings] function, the Price Tags Saved Settings screen is displayed. Select the desired price tag to display the Price Tag Options screen, verify or edit options as needed, then select OK or press [F10] to print the price tags.

If the [Add New Settings] function has not yet been used, the Price Tag Saved Settings screen is skipped and the Price Tag Options screen is displayed immediately. Verify or edit options and print the price tags as described in the previous paragraph.

The Price Tags Saved Settings screen displays the following information:
- The [Add New Settings] button is used to display the New Price Tags Settings screen.
- The Last Used entry is used to print the price tags with the options used when price tags were last printed.
- When required, the Local Settings section containing price tags available for only the current Register and to Clerks with sufficient security.
- When required, the Shared Settings section containing price tags available for all Registers and to Clerks with sufficient security.

Different label formats are available and may be edited if required by using the Form button on the Label Setup screen to display the list of available label formats, and then pressing [F3] to open the selected label with the Label Editor.

Note: Label selection and editing use the same functions as Report selection and editing.

Note: The Alternate Search Fields feature should be utilized if most, but not all, Inventory items are labeled with the manufacturer's UPC barcode (which is typically entered in the Inventory item's Product Code field). Alternate Search Field settings allow Keystroke to automatically locate records even when a valid Stock Number or Product Code is not entered into the proper entry field. By printing barcode labels for those items without UPC's, where the barcode represents the item's Stock Number AND enabling the Alternate Search Fields for the Stock Number field, both the UPC barcode and the printed label Stock Number barcode can be scanned into the Product Code field to locate the item and enter it onto a transaction.

Mailing and shipping labels for Customers and Vendors are set up and printed from the Labels Menu.


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