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Using the TouchScreen Editor

The Keystroke TouchScreen Editor is a powerful WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor which may be accessed from the Configuration Manager Settings Menu (or by right-clicking any Keystroke touch button and selecting Edit Toolbars). It is used to add, remove, and configure the Toolbars and their buttons. Properties such as Toolbar and button location, availability, visibility, and the number of buttons within a Toolbar may easily be configured on-screen using a mouse, the keyboard, or a combination of both.

When the TouchScreen Editor first opens, it displays a copy of the Toolbars currently in use by Keystroke. The name of the TouchScreen file that is being used is displayed in the title bar of the Editor's window. The left and bottom panes of the Editor display information about the currently selected Toolbar or button. The mouse may be used to select individual Toolbars or buttons by clicking on them. Once selected, they may be resized by dragging the highlighted borders and may be moved by clicking on them again. To move an entire Toolbar and all its buttons, use [Ctrl]+Click to select it. Toolbars and buttons may also be selected, moved, and altered by changing the parameters displayed on the left and bottom panes of the Editor.

For more information, see the TouchScreenEditor.PDF.


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