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TouchScreen Editor - Toolbars Turning On/Off

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The modules in which (and the registers on which) the Keystroke Toolbars appear or are avaialble is controlled by the Restrictions Settings. The Restrictions box displays a list of the Keystroke Modules in which the currently selected toolbar may be used. Select a toolbar from the Toolbars box to view its availablility and visibility by Keystroke Module in the Restrictions box.

In the Restrictions box, the Modules section displays the Keystroke Modules for which Restrictions have been configured for the currently selected Toolbar. To the right of the Modules section there are 4 check boxes which determine the Toolbar's availability and visibility for the currently selected Module. If it is Available but not Visible, then it is loaded into memory but is not displayed when that Module is entered. A macro can then be used to display the Toolbar in that Module at anytime. However, if it is not Available, then it is not be loaded into memory and there is no way to make it appear (without going back into the editor and making it Available).

The Available and Visible settings can be controlled for:
- All Registers
- This Register

The This Register settings override the All Registers settings. If both settings are the same, they are linked. While linked, changing the All Registers setting also automatically changes the This Register setting. To unlink the settings, change the setting in the This Register section.

For more information, see the TouchScreenEditor.PDF.


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