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TouchScreen Editor - Advanced Button Editor

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When the Toolbars are displayed, any Toolbar button can be used by simply clicking on it with a mouse (or by touching it when using a touch screen). When a button is selected, a Macro associated with the button automatically runs. If a button is grayed out, then it is disabled and selecting it does not do anything. Buttons may be disabled depending on which screen is currently being displayed and/or by the security level of the current Clerk. A button can be held down and will repeat itself the same way a key on a keyboard would.

One of the main features of the Advanced Editor is the ability to view, edit, and test the XML data for the button. The way a button looks, acts, and what is does when selected is controlled by the XML data for that button. The XML data is stored as text in the Toolbar data file. All changes made in the editor are first applied to the to XML text that controls the button. The updated XML text is then used to generate the sample button shown the upper right corner of the button editor. The raw XML text can be viewed and edited by selecting the View XML Data button. See the file Doc\Toolbars.txt for more information on the structure and settings supported in the XML text.

After the View XML Data button is pressed, the XML data is displayed at the bottom of the editor. If any changes are made, press the "Test" button to apply the changes to the button and to update the rest of the editor. If the test button is not used, then some of the changes made directly to the XML text may be lost.

For more information on each on the Button Editor, please see the Button Editor document Doc\BttnEdtr.txt. It contains a description of each of the settings and how the Button Editor operates as well as information on the Advanced Button Editor.

For more information, see the TouchScreenEditor.PDF.


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