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Purchase Manager - Detail Box - Item Vendor Info

The Detail Box display option titled Item Vendor Info [PORDET4.DAT] displays the following detailed information about the line item and its Vendor costs:

Line# - The item's position in the transaction item list.

QOH - The Quantity On Hand.

Mult - The Multiplier.

Costs - The Vendor Costs.

The Extended Description is replaced by the Matrix Item Description for Matrix items.

If the item's Weight does not equal 0, W= followed by the Weight is displayed to the right of the Extended Description. If the item's Weight equals 0, the W= is not displayed.

To set the Detail Box display to Item Vendor Info:

- Select Parameters from the Purchase Manager Transaction Menu.
- Select Display.
- Select the desired Detail Box Display File Purchase Transaction Type button (Invoice, Order, Reserved).
- Select Setting Item Vendor Info [PORDET2.DAT].
- Press [Enter] or [F10].


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