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KeyPay - Testing

Two tests are required to verify that KeyPay can process transactions.

First, use the Test KeyPay button at the bottom of the Authorization Method screen. This sends some TCP/IP requests from Keystroke to KeyPay to verify communication between the two programs.

Second, test how KeyPay communicates with the processor (Vantiv (now WorldPay) and Cayan). The easiest way to perform this test is to process a real Credit Card sale in Keystroke:

- In the Sales Manager, enter a sale for a small dollar amount such as $1.00.

- Tender the transaction with a valid credit card using the Sales Payment Type set up for that card type.

- After getting an approval, the sale may be Voided using the Transaction Menu, Delete/Void, and select Void (Reverse). This will process the void automatically, creating a second, reversing transaction.

It is best to verify that the transaction has made it to the processor. To view detailed credit card processing reports, go to the processor's website and locate the Merchant Login link. Enter Username and Password and then locate the credit card reports link to access a variety of reporting functions.


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