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KeyPay - Requirements

KeyPay requires:

- An available TCP/IP internet connection on at least one computer on a network.
- A merchant services account with either Vantiv (now WorldPay) (1.800.846.4472) or Cayan (1.800.498.0823).
- USB/Keyboard Wedge Mag-stripe, PIN Pad, or Signature Capture device.

A high-speed internet connection is needed for the best performance, especially in high transaction volume installations. However, a high-speed connection is not required and a dial-up internet connection may be used in low volume installations. When a dial-up connection is established prior to initiating a transaction, impressive transaction processing speeds can still be obtained.

Contact a local Authorized Keystroke Point Of Sale Dealer for assistance in analyzing and fulfilling these requirements. The service of an experienced dealer is recommended for proper installation of the KeyPay software, configuration of network and internet access, and setup of Keystroke to work with KeyPay. Dealers can also provide guidance through the process of applying for a merchant services account.


KeyPay - General Information

Where to Install KeyPay Software

Installing KeyPay Software from the Keystroke Update Installer

Setting Up the KeyPay Service

Configure Authorization Method to work with KeyPay Service

Testing KeyPay

Using KeyPay

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