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KeyPay - Setting Up the KeyPay Service

After Installing KeyPay Software from the Keystroke Update Installer, the KeyPay Service program should be running and ready to go. It runs as a Windows Service so no icon is displayed in the system tray.

If it is necessary to review or change the KeyPay Service settings, run the KeyPay Settings shortcut from the computer's Start Menu, Keystroke program group. After saving any changes, the computer must be restarted, or manually restart the Keystroke Payment Module service, under Administrative Tools, Services.

KeyPay Service Settings

Settings ID

Normally set to (Default). This is only needed if using more than one merchant account or processor to process credit cards. The Settings ID field in the Keystroke Authorization Method must then be used to identify what setting in KeyPay to use for a unique payment type.

Process Through is used to define the processor being used. Either of the following can be used:

- Vantiv (now WorldPay)
- Cayan

Business Name:
- Vantiv (now WorldPay): Usually left blank.
- Cayan: A required field.

Merchant Number:

- Vantiv (now WorldPay): A required field.
- Cayan: A required field.

Data Directory: Usually C:\Keystroke\Data
Status Directory: Usually C:\Keystroke\Data
Connection Type: Usually Internet Only. A windows modem can be used for backup.
IP Address: Usually left blank.
IP Port Number: Usually 0 for automatic. Can be used to set a specific IP Port to be used.
Check for NIC Address Changes: Usually Unchecked. Check if IP address is being changed.
Password: Used to restrict access to the KeyPay settings.

Note: for additional installation and configuration details, see the ConfiguringKeystrokeWithKeyPay.pdf file located in the \Doc folder under the Keystroke installation folder (normally C:\Keystroke\Doc\ConfiguringKeystrokeWithKeyPay.pdf).


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