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Matrix Tables - Entry Mode

The default Matrix Tables Entry Mode for entering quantities of Matrix Items in Sales, Purchasing, and Variance is controlled by the Matrix Entry Mode Parameter.

Available options are:

Single Item - Quantities of only a single Matrix Item may be selected. By default the quantity is one. In Sales, multiple quantities of a single Matrix Item may be entered by enabling the Enable Qty * Item Line Item Entry Parameter.

Multiple Item - Quantities of multiple Matrix Item are entered in the Grid Display and are then displayed as separate line items on the Transaction Item Entry Screen.

Video Screenshot

If the Entry Mode is set to Single Item, press [Shift]+[F9] to toggle between the three Display Modes (this feature is not available in Multiple Item Entry Mode).

To select the default Entry Mode, navigate to the Configuration Manager, select Databases from the Settings Menu, click the Matrix Parameters button at the bottom left of the Database Settings Screen, click one of the Entry Mode buttons (Sales, Purchase, Variance) on the Matrix Parameters screen, and select an Entry Mode option.

The default Entry Mode for Sales is Single Item.

The default Entry Mode for Purchase is Multiple Item.

The default Entry Mode for Variance is Single Item.

Note: If a Matrix Item has its own Product Code, it can be scanned on any Transaction Item Entry Screen just like other Inventory items.


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