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To enter a Salesperson on a Sales Transaction:

- Navigate to the Sales Transaction Complete Sale screen.
- A Salesperson is a Clerk.
- Enter the Salesperson's Clerk Number in the Salesperson field or press [Ins] to select the Salesperson from the Clerk Lookup list.

Before a Salesperson can be entered, the Salesperson field must be configured for display and usage:
- The Salesperson Display Field Sales Transaction Type Complete Sale Parameter - enables the display of the Salesperson.
- The Salesperson Entry Field Sales Transaction Type Complete Sale Parameter - prompts the Clerk to enter the Salesperson.

The Salesperson field may be used to attribute a Sales Transaction to a Clerk other than the Clerk currently logged in. It is commonly used when the Salesperson is not the Clerk that enters the Sales Transaction but is the Clerk for which commissions should be calculated. It may also be used to Filter Sales Reports (the Report Filter is labeled SalesPersonNumber and is displayed in the Report Filter syntax as [STH:SalesPersonNumber]).

If a Customer's (or Contact's) database record Salesperson field defines a Salesperson, that Salesperson is automatically entered on the Sales Transaction Complete Sale screen for all that Customer's (or Contact's) Sales Transactions. If no Salesperson is defined, the Clerk currently logged in is also the Salesperson.


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