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Reports and Labels - Filters - Definition

Filters are used with Reports and Labels to select only records that satisfy certain conditions.

- Select the Filter button.

- Select the [Field 1] button and choose a Field Category and Field on which to filter (or select "None" to turn off the filter). The Field Categories and Fields available to filter vary depending on the type record being filtered. Depending on the function from which the filter is accessed, it may be possible to filter on one or two fields. To filter on a second field, select the [Field 2] button.

- The Field Category and Field are displayed in the Filter field. For example, in the Filter "[CST:Name]", CST represents the Filter Category (CST=Customer) and Name represents the Field (Name=Customer Name).

- Enter a condition for each field being filtered. The field must match the condition for a record to be included. The filter field may contain multiple conditions. Multiple conditions must be separated by Operators (AND and OR, also represented by && and ||). Operators define how the conditions work together.

Continue entering fields, conditions, and operators until the Filter is complete. Use the [BackSpace] key to delete entries.

The AND/OR setting defines how the Filter 1 and Filter 2 are combined:
AND - Both filter conditions must be satisfied for the record to be included.
OR - Either filter condition may be satisfied for the record to be included.

There are additional special characters available to enter filter conditions.


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