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Report/Label Editor - Variables and Numeric Fields

Variables use the following rules to print numeric fields:

Integers print as integers. For example: 12

Decimal Numbers print as far as six places to the right of the decimal. For example: 125.23 or 1.1 or 273.048562

- The number of decimals printed depends on the original number.

- Setting the field Width to -2 allows for the control of the number of decimal places and the concatenation of the fields.

For example if you print the Variable [INV:Cost] [INV:Weight], the output might look like this:

99.00 12.2753

If the fields are printed separately with their Width set to -2 and the Weight field has the Decimal Points set to 2 such as:

Line 2 [INV:Cost] Width: -2
Line 2 [INV:Weight] Width: -2 Decimal Points: 2

The output is formatted correctly:

99.00 12.28


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