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Report/Label Editor - Variables and Field Flags

When Field Flags are used with Variables they either apply to all fields in the Variable, don't work properly with Variables, or don't work at all with Variables.

Printing the fields separately and setting their Width field to -2 circumvents these issues allows fields to be concatenated.

For example, if printing the Variable [INV:LastPurchased] [INV:Cost] [INV:Description], the output might look like this:

Mar24'03 1.00 Screwdriver, Phillips, 5 pt, L

If the Cost Coding flag is enabled, all of the numbers in the variable are encrypted and the output might look like this:

MarWU'AR OAA Screwdriver, Phillips, F pt, L

If the fields are printed separately with their Width set to -2 and only the Cost field has the Cost Coding flag enabled such as:

Line 2 [INV: LastPurchased] Width: -2
Line 2 [INV:Cost] Width: -2 Flags: 128 (Cost Coding/Encryption=ON)
Line 2 [INV: Description] Width: -2

The output is formatted correctly:

Mar24'03 OAA Screwdriver, Phillips, 5 pt, L

Other Flags may have similar unwanted effects on Variables.


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