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Report/Label Editor - Special Fields - Comment

The Reports/Labels forms standard field lists generally include the Comment field.

To include Comments on a form:

- Select the appropriate section and line on the Edit Form Screen.

- Press [Ins] to display the Edit Field Screen

- Select the Field Button to display the Field Types Lookup List.

- Select a Standard (not Calculated) Field Type and press [Enter] to display the Select Field Lookup List.

- If the data type supports Comments, the Comment field is available on the list.

- Select Comment and press [Enter].

- The Comment field name is now displayed to the right of the Field Button on the Edit Field Screen.

- Navigate to the Flags field on the Edit Field Screen and press [Ins] to display the Field Flags Lookup List.

- Select Comment Field from the list and press [Enter] to enable the Flag (a check mark is displayed to the left of the field name when the Flag is enabled).

- Press [F10] to exit the Field Flags Lookup List and save the changes.

- Select the Width field on the Edit Field Screen and enter -1 to set the width of the Comment field to extend from the column where it begins to the right-hand margin of the page.

If a report form includes a Comment field, the Print Comment check-box is available either on the main report setup screen or on one of the secondary setup screens (such as the Inventory setup screen displayed when the [Inventory] button on the Inventory Database report main setup screen is selected). In order to print the Comment field on the report, enable Print Comments by clicking its checkbox (an "X" appears in the checkbox when it is enabled).

If a report form does not include a Comment field, the Print Comment check-box is not available.


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