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KeyMail - Keystroke Mail Module

The Keystroke Mail Module (KMailSvc.exe / KeyMail.exe) is a stand-alone Messaging Module used by Keystroke to send Email messages. Keystroke communicates with KeyMail through a TCP/IP interface.

Before Keystroke can communicate with the KeyMail communications server, KeyMail must be properly installed and configured on just one machine. Setting up KeyMail is similar to setting up the Keystroke Payment Module (KeyPay). KeyMail may be installed on the same machine as KeyPay. KeyMail can be installed as either a stand-alone exe (KeyMail.exe) or as a service (KMailSvc.exe). For ease of configuration, it is recommended to use KeyMail.exe when first setting up and testing KeyMail. After successful testing has been completed, it is recommended to switch to the KmailSvc.exe service. The KeyMail Service is best installed from the Keystroke Update Installer located in the Windows StartMenu, Keystroke program folder. Select Keystroke Extensions from the Keystroke Update Installer main screen and then select the KeyMail Keystroke Mail Module button to install the Keystroke Mail Module as a Windows Service.

The KeyMail Service Installation (and KeyMail.exe when run for the 1st time) prompts for information about the SMTP server and the email account to be used to send emails. The Test button may be used to test the KeyMail settings by sending an email to the address entered on the test email screen. See the list of Common Email Provider Settings for default SMTP Server and Port information.

The Data Directory setting defines the location to which to save Log files. The Status Directory setting defines the location for the KMStatus.tmp file which Keystroke uses to lookup the communication parameters for working with KeyMail. In most cases, the Status Directory and Data Directory are both set to the current Keystroke data directory (i.e. C:\Keystroke\Data).

The Attachments Directory setting defines the location to which to save file attachments created by Keystroke's PDF printer (such as Sales Invoices, Purchase Transactions, ROA receipts, Statements, and Reports.

SENDKM.EXE (Send Email through KeyMail) is a stand-alone program that can be used to send emails from the command prompt (or from a macro/script). SendKM.exe uses the same information as the MAIL: port in Keystroke and sends the email through KeyMail. Command line switches and/or an .INI file can be used to specify what is in the email and specify the email address to which the email is to be sent. Please see Keystroke\Doc\SendKM.txt (or run SendKM /?) for more information and details. A simple example:

SendKM DataDir=Tutor Subject="Test Email" Message="Have a great day!" Attachment=Invoice.pdf;ThankYouLetter.pdf;StoreFrontPhoto*.jpg

Note: The KeyMail Attachment= parameter supports the use of the wildcard character "*" to search for files but the search results are limited to the first 8 files found.


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