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KeyMail - Common Errors and Fixes

Common KeyMail errors and fixes include:

Error #-1: The Operation has timed out.
Review the KMERR.LOG file in the program folder (i.e. C:\Keystroke). Some Email providers have changed their Port and SSL Requirements over the years.
- Try Port 587 with Use SSL enabled.
- Try Port 25 with Use SSL enabled

Error #5: System Security Authentication.AuthenticationException...The Operation has timed out.
Followed by other .NET information.
- Disable Use SSL (turn it Off) and try other ports such as 25 which some providers use.
- Contact the Email Provider for exact Port and SSL requirements.

Error #530 - The SMTP server requires a secure connection or the client was not authenticated.
Error sending Email. KeyMail: Error Authenticating User with SmtpServer 535: 5.7.8 Username and password not accepted.

This error applies to Gmail. See page 14 of the KeyMail Service Installation for using the recommended App Passwords.
NOTE: "You can to turn ON "Less Secure App Access" (if not using 2-Step Verification) in Google Settings (not recommended). Open Google Security Settings:

Attachment not sent, but the Email is sent.
- Use the form EMATT-TN.NVC instead of EMATTACH.NVC if printing Invoices, Orders, and Quotes using the same Keystroke Email Printer.
- Review the KMERR.LOG file in the Keystroke installation folder (i.e. C:\Keystroke). The log file provides information about the attachment that KeyMail is looking for. It is possible that the location is incorrect or that the file cannot be found.

For more Troubleshooting information please see the KeyMail Service Installation file located in the Keystroke\Doc folder.


KeyMail - Common Email Provider Settings

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