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KeyMail - Common Email Provider Settings

The KeyMail Installation process (and the KeyMail Settings screen), require entry of the following information: email address, username, and password for the email account through which KeyMail is to process emails. The email account password field supports up to 184 characters. The values for these settings can usually be found in the email program normally used to send email (from outside of Keystroke). Below are default settings for common email providers.

Gmail settings:
- Gmail SMTP Server Address:
- Gmail Port: 465 or 587
- Gmail SUse SSL (leave Off for TLS): OFF
- Gmail User Name: the full Gmail email address (e.g.
- Gmail Password: See page 14 of the KeyMail Service Installation for using the recommended App Passwords
NOTE: "You can to turn ON "Less Secure App Access" (if not using 2-Step Verification) in Google Settings (not recommended). Open Google Security Settings:

Outlook / Windows Live Mail settings:
- Windows Live SMTP Server Address:
- Windows Live Port: 587
- Windows Live Use SSL (leave Off for TLS): OFF
- Windows Live User Name: the full Outlook/Windows Live email address (e.g.
- Windows Live Password: the Outlook/Windows Live Password

MSN settings:
- MSN SMTP Server Address:
- MSN Port: 587
- MSN Use SSL (leave Off for TLS): OFF
- MSN User Name: the full MSN email address (e.g.
- MSN Password: the MSN Password

Yahoo! Mail settings:
- Yahoo! SMTP Server Address:
- Yahoo! Port: 587
- Yahoo! Use SSL (Leave Off for TLS): OFF
- Yahoo! User Name: the full Yahoo! email address (e.g.
- Yahoo! Password: the Yahoo! Password
NOTE: Must use "Manage app Passwords" at Select Settings, Account Security (on the left) from
Then select Other App and generate a code. Use this code as the KeyMail password and test it.

Hotmail settings:
Now uses Outlook/Windows Live Mail. See above


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