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Valid Entries List File Format & Name

A Valid Entries List file should be in text-only format.

- Each line in the file should contain only one value.

- The file should include all values that are valid for the field.

- The file should be located in the \Lists folder under the \Data folder. By default, the Keystroke\Data\Lists\ folder.

- Valid Entries List files must have the file extension .DAT.

- To locate the correct file name for a particular Valid Entries List file, select the desired database from the Database Manager File Menu, select the desired field on the database screen in either Add or Edit mode, press [Ins]. If there is no Valid Entries List file for that field, Keystroke displays the "A Valid Entries List could not be found for this field" screen on which the the correct Valid Entries List file name is displayed.

- The name of each file is determined by the database and the field.

- For example, in the Inventory database, the Product Code field's Valid Entries List file is named LISTI002.DAT. The file name consists of "LIST" (defines the file is a Valid Entries List file), "I" (the code for the Inventory database), "002" (the number of the Product Code field), and ".DAT" (the extension required for Keystroke data files).

- The contents of the file might look like this:


Where each line includes a single unique entry representing a Valid Entry value.


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