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Pay Codes define the Sales Payment Types that may be used to pay for the item.

The Eligible Items Button on the Sales Payment Type Setup Screen is used to define Payment Formulas for the payment. The Payment Formulas are used to establish restrictions on the types of items for which the the payment may be used through the use of Pay Codes. The Pay Code field on the Payment Formula Screen is used to select the type of item for which the formula applies.

The Pay Code field should not specify the type of payment, just the type of item to be paid for. The Payment Formula then specifies the types of items the Payment Type may be used to pay for. For example, items may be identified as just "Food" or "Food - Nutritional" and "Food - Junk" or as "Alcoholic" or "Tobacco". The payment types (such as Food Stamps, EBT, or WIC) contain the Pay Formulas based on these types of products.

Note: Similar to Price Codes and Tax Codes, Pay Codes should simply identify the item's type. In other words, inventory items should not be identified by Pay Code as Food Stamp or EBT. They should be identified as "Food - Nutritional". A Sales Payment Type such as EBT or Food Stamp is then defined as eligible to be used to pay for "Food - Nutritional" items.

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