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The Tax Code is used to categorize Inventory items for use with Tax Tables to define how they need to be taxed.

For normal taxable items, always use the Default Tax Code - T. The Tax Code should only be changed on items, which are taxed differently for some special reason. Such items might include labor, food, liquor, cigarettes, petroleum products, tires, etc.

Unless special tax tracking of items such as food, petroleum products, or tires, is required, it is recommended to keep things simple by using the Tax Codes T for taxable items, and N for non- taxable items (labor or services).

To define a Tax Code for an item, press [Ins] and select the appropriate Code from the list.

For more tax set up information, see Tax Tables.

Note: The Tax Code should reflect the taxability of an Inventory item (and not to who it is being sold or how it is being sold). Even though it may not be required to collect sales tax when items are sold for resale or shipped out of state, the items may still be considered taxable items. The Customer's Tax Table (and not item tax codes) is used to indicate the taxability of a transaction.


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