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The Sales Payment Types Threshold to use Alt Button setting defines the threshold amount under which the Alt (Under) Print Button is used (typically for low dollar transactions/payments).

The Alternate Print Button is used to print a different form, or none at all (Save Button is selected) when the amount of the invoice total or payment is less than the value in the Threshold to use Alt Button field.

For Example, if the default Print Button is set to Credit Card w/ Signature and the Alternate Print Button is set to Receipt and the threshold amount is set to $20.00, then a payment amount of $20.001 or more prints using Credit Card w/ Signature default Print Button while a payment of $19.99 or less prints using the Receipt Alternate Print Button.

If a Negative value is entered into the Threshold to use Alt Button field, then the amount being printed is compared to the Threshold amount without first making the amount positive (which is what happens if the threshold amount is a positive number). This allows a different receipt to be set up for returns. (In most cases, the Threshold amount should be set to $-0.01 to default all returns to the Alternate Print Button.)

Note: If the threshold is left at $0.00, the Alternate Print Button is not used.

Note: If the Payment amount is greater than the transaction amount (change being due back), the Alt Button Threshold amount is compared to the transaction amount instead of the payment amount.


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