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Configuration Manager - Menus - Tables - Sales Payment Types - Settings - Alt (Under) Print Button

The Sales Payment Types Alt (Under) Print Button setting defines the Print Button to be used when the transaction total or payment amount is less than the Threshold to use Alt Button amount.

To set the Alt (Under) Print Button for a Sales Payment Type:

- Select Sales Payment Types from the Configuration Manager Tables Menu.

- Select the Payment Type from the list.

- Press [Enter] to display the Payment Type Settings screen.

- Select the Alt (Under) Print Button button and press [Enter] or click on Alt (Under) Print Button with the mouse.

- Select the Print Button from the list of available Print Buttons and press [Enter] to choose it (or [F3] to edit it).

Note: The list displays all available Print Buttons including buttons without names (listed by number alone). Hidden buttons are displayed with parenthesis around the name.


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