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The Audit Parameter Items are important Clerk actions that may be tracked and reported.

Use the Audit feature to keep track of what Clerks do when they use Keystroke. Select from a list of important Clerk actions, including:

- Opening cash drawers

- Editing Time Clock records

- Editing/Deleting Line Items on Sales Transactions

- Deleting Transactions

- Payment Processing

Audit as many actions as needed. Even "All (Clerk) Keystrokes" may be audited, although it is not recommended unless required to research an issue. Before Clerk actions may be reported, they must be monitored.

To enable monitoring of Clerk actions:

- Select Parameters from the Configuration Manager Settings menu.

- Select the Audit Button on the Global Parameters screen to display the Audit Parameters Screen.

- Select an action and click it with the mouse or press [Spacebar] to enable it (enabled actions are marked with an X).

- Enable as many audit actions as necessary.

To view a report of the audited actions:

- Select the Audit Report from the Report Manager Sales Menu.

- Select an action with the mouse and click it or press [Spacebar] to enable it for reporting (enabled actions are marked with an X). Use the [Turn All On] Button to quickly enable all actions. Use the [Turn All Off] Button to quickly disable all actions. Select as many actions as needed to view on the report.

- Select appropriate Filter, Group By, Form and Print To options.

- Select Ok.

- The report prompts for the Date/Time Range. Enter it and select Ok to run the report.

The Audit Entry Code:

Access to the Audit Parameters may be restricted with an optional Entry Code. The code may be up to seven characters long. Once created and saved, the Entry Code is required for access to the Audit Parameters Screen.

Note: The Audit Entry Code is Case Sensitive even if the Case Sensitive Password Parameter is disabled.

Note: The Audit Parameters must be set prior to the actions taken in order for the actions to be recorded. Only when Audit Parameters have been enabled will Keystroke record the actions. If any particular action was disabled, the Audit Report cannot display it because it was never recorded.


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