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The Themes.XML file located in the Keystroke program installation folder controls the Color Themes list that appears when the Color Themes button is used in the Appearance Function. This file contains the names of each theme as well as the color settings that are invoked when it is selected. This file may be changed to add or remove settings as well as to control the color settings available. Future Keystroke software updates do not change this file. The master copy, Themes.KRF (which is updated), is located in the Keystroke\Files\ folder. The master file is copied to the program installation folder if the Themes.xml file does not exist there.

Each Theme does not need to include every color setting. Color settings that are not included will not be changed when the theme is selected. The attribute BaseTheme= may be used to first set the colors based on a different theme and then override those colors with the colors specified in the selected theme. Setting a color setting to Default reverts it back to whatever the standard color is for that setting.

The Themes.XML file may also be used to control the ability to manually change colors by adding a theme called NoEdit as the first theme in the file (e.g. [Theme Name=NoEdit]). If this Theme listing is found, all the other buttons that set colors are hidden. If this is the only theme in the file then the Color Themes button is also hidden which prevents any colors from being changed.


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