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When one of the Color Lists (Named Themed Colors, Named Web Colors, System Colors) is displayed, use the [Tab] key to toggle between those currently available. The available Color Lists are:

Named Themed Colors - Displays a list of colors that have been grouped together to allow compatible colors to be easily selected. The first and last groups are the primary colors (the first ones have been toned down a bit). The rest of the colors are grouped by similar Hues so that setting different color elements to colors from the same group should provide a pleasing combination of colors.

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Named Web Colors - Displays a list of colors commonly used by web sites (with a few additional colors thrown in).

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System Colors - Displays a list made up of color settings and is not really colors at all. Selecting one of these "colors" tells Keystroke to use whatever color that setting is set to in the Windows operating system. The actual colors used can then be changed by using the Windows operating system's display settings/properties functions. These are the default color settings used by Keystroke in order to match the look of other programs on the system.

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While using the Color Lists, information about the currently highlighted color is displayed in tabs along the bottom of the screen. This information is displayed so that it may be easily referenced for use as a setting in other programs or in one of the customizable Keystroke display files.

Each of the lists contains information about the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values that make up the color as well as the companion HSL (Hue, Saturation, Luminance) value. The Named Web Colors list may be sorted by any of these values by pressing the [Ctrl] key plus the first letter of the column name or by just clicking on the column name. Sorting this list may make it easier to select compatible colors. Usually sorting by Saturation ([Ctrl]+[S]) and then Hue ([Ctrl]+[H]) provides the best results.

The current color for the setting that is being changed is always included in the list. Either the existing color has "(current)" added to its name or the color "(current)" is added to the top of the list if it is not already available on the list.

If the desired color cannot be found, the Color Picker may be displayed by pressing [F3] or right clicking the mouse.


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