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To set up a Customer Display device:

- Select Customer Display from the Configuration Manager Hardware menu.

- Select the Display button.

- Choose the Customer Display File for the display from the list.

- Select the Port button to select the port to which the display is connected.

To disable a Customer Display device, set Display and Port both to None.

Display - lists the Customer Display Control Files currently available. Select a Display File option and press [Enter] to use it or [F3] to edit it.

Port - lists the communication ports that exist or may exist on the computer. Select a Port and press [Enter] to use it. Enter required communications parameters if necessary.

Keep Port Open - keeps the Port open and available for use by the display.

ON - the port remains open and available for use by the Display. This is used (rarely) for devices which require power from the computer.

OFF - the port is available to other devices when not in use by the Display.


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