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OPOS is an older system (developed by Microsoft) for communicating with POS devices. An OPOS device uses an installed OPOS driver (or Service Object). The OPOS driver is supplied by the OPOS device's manufacturer. Some OPOS drivers may also need the OPOS Common Control Objects.

Note: OPOS is being deprecated (eventually no longer supported) by Microsoft and most hardware vendors. As such, it will no longer be available in a future release of Keystroke.

To use an OPOS device, select OPOS from the Port list and select the device from the list of available OPOS devices. If the device is not on the list, the OPOS Driver supplied by the hardware manufacturer has not been installed.

Note for Forms: The OPOS Port is only supported by forms (Sales, Purchasing, etc.) and not on Reports. A Driver still needs to be selected within Keystroke. Use either the Windows driver shipped with Keystroke or the regular driver for the printer you are using (i.e. HPLASER, etc.). If the regular driver is used, OPOS will pass any control codes through to the printer.

Note for Cash Drawers: Open Codes are not required. The OPOS driver controls how the cash drawer is opened.

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