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A COM port is a serial communications port. Most point of sale computers have COM ports. The COM port may be used to communicate with certain devices including: Cash Drawers, Customer Pole Displays, Serial Printers, Electronic Scales, Change Dispensers, and PIN Pads.

When a COM port is used, its COM Parameters may need to be set. Refer to the device's manual for these settings or simply try the default settings.

Baud Rate: The speed at which your computer communicates with the device.

Parity: Possible Parity settings are:

N None
E Even
O Odd
S Space (rarely used)
M Mark (rarely used)

Data Bits: The number of data bits per byte, usually 8 or 7 but can also be 5 or 6.

Stop Bits: The number of stop bits per byte. Set to 1 or 2.

Options: Special codes which may be needed for the device. The only Option supported is CS0 which turns off Hardware Handshaking.

Although not recommended, COM Ports may be addressed as follows: select Port=File, then type the parameters into the file name field as follows:






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