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The best policy is to back up all data files every day. Backing up all data files ensures that all databases and all business transaction are included in the back up.

If the system crashes, a recent backup may be used to quickly restore database records, transactions, and settings including:

- Transactions
- Inventory
- Scripts
- Customers
- Contacts
- Vendors
- Departments/Categories/Locations
- Clerks
- Hardware configurations
- Parameter settings
- TouchScreen Toolbars and Buttons

Remember to keep backups in a safe place! Remember to periodically take backups off-site (home, safe deposit box, etc.)

Four types of backup are available:

Standard - Uses Keystroke's built-in 7-Zip backup (Supports 64-bit OS).

Old Standard - Uses Keystroke's older PKZip backup (Only 32-bit OS)

Custom - Use any backup system that can be run from a Command Prompt.

Quick Archive - Uses either 7-Zip or PKZip (as defined by the Quick Archives Database Setting) to backup the current data folder to the \ARCHIVES folder below the Keystroke Program Installation folder.


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