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The Standard Backup option creates the file KEYBACK.ZIP in the location specified by the To: setting.

Files: - defines the name(s) of file(s) to backup as *.* (to back up all files) by default. May be changed to *.DAT (to bypass temporary *.TMP files).

From: - defines the location from which files are back up as Data\ by default. May be changed to any folder location available on the network.

To: - defines the location (Drive and Folder) where the backup files are stored. For example: F:\Backup\KSData\. The To: setting may include drive letters that represent USB Stick drives and external hard disks.

Include Subdirectories - enabled by default, includes files in subfolders under the folder defined in the From: setting when backing up data.


Old Standard - Uses Keystroke's older PKZip backup (Only 32-bit OS)

Custom - Use any backup system that can be run from a Command Prompt.

Quick Archive - Uses either 7-Zip or PKZip

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