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The Custom Backup option allows for the use of any backup system that can be run from a DOS command line.

Command: - enter a DOS command to backup Keystroke data files. For example: XCOPY C:\Keystroke\Data\*.* E:\KSBackup\*.* /E/C/Y

The example above uses the DOS XCOPY command to copy the entire Keystroke installation folder (\Keystroke on the C: drive) and all folders under that folder (the /E switch) to the \KSBackup folder on the E: drive, overwriting older files without asking (the /Y switch) and ignoring copy errors (the /C switch).

This is only one example. Authorized Keystroke Point Of Sale Dealers can design a backup systems that best suit the needs of businesses.


Standard - Uses Keystroke's built-in 7-Zip backup (Supports 64-bit OS).

Old Standard - Uses Keystroke's older PKZip backup (Only 32-bit OS)

Quick Archive - Uses either 7-Zip or PKZip

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