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Accounting Link - Posting Accounts

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Accounting Link creates journal entries for the Posting Accounts.

In addition to the standard Posting Accounts, sub-accounts can also be set up for Inventory Departments and Payment Types. If an Inventory Department or Payment Type does not have an sub-account number assigned, Keystroke uses the standard Posting Accounts.

Posting Accounts numbers (or account names) are entered in the Posting Account fields under the Setup menu. It is important to verify the account numbers (or names) are entered accurately. A printed copy of the chart of accounts from the accounting application can simplify the verification process.

The type of account to be used for each Posting Account field is displayed on the left side of the status bar (located at at the bottom of the Keystroke application window). Most accounting applications accept account numbers (not account names).

For some accounting packages like Sage BusinessWorks or CYMA, the [Ins] key can be pressed to display a list of account numbers.

When are printing or saving an Accounting Link report, or exporting Accounting link data for use in a spreadsheet, account names may be used in place of account numbers.

Note: When the Setup Link To option is set to either Report or to Standard link, [Shift]+[F8] can be pressed to pre-fill the Posting Account Number fields with the descriptions for each field.

Sales Subtotal - Invoice Subtotals before Discount, Shipping, or Sales Tax
Discount - Amounts entered in the Discount field on Invoices
Shipping - Amounts entered in the Shipping field on Invoices.
Sales Tax - Sales Tax amounts on Invoices.
Cash Payments - Cash Sales Payment Type amounts on Sales Invoices and ROA Payments.
Credit Payments - Credit Sales Payment Type amounts.
Other Payments - Other Sales Payment Type amounts.
Inventory - Value of Inventory to be removed from the Inventory Account.
Cost of Goods Sold - COGS will offset the Inventory account when items are sold.
Finance Charges - Finance Charges collected in Accounts Receivable. Note: Finance Charges that have not yet been paid are not included.
Layaway Deposits - Customer Deposits made on Layaways. Typically a current liability account.
Order Deposits - Customer Deposits made on Sales Orders. Typically a current liability account.
Paid Outs - Cash amounts entered in the Paid Out function.
Inventory Variance - Offsets the Inventory account for posted Variances.
Purchases Subtotal - Usually a Current Liability (Holding Account).
Closeout Over/(Short) - Over/short amounts from the Closeout function.


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