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Account numbers can be assigned to individual Inventory Departments for the following types of accounts:

Sales (based on the actual price of the items sold), Inventory (based on the cost of the items sold), COGS, Variance (Shrinkage/Shortage Expense), Purchasing (Purchases Sub Total Holding Account).

If an Inventory Department does not have an account number assigned, Keystroke uses the Posting Accounts for items from that Department.

Setting up Inventory Department accounts:

- From the Setup Menu, select Inventory Departments.

- Press [Ins] in the Department column to display the Department list.

- Select a Department and press Enter.

- Use the Tab key to navigate to the Sales column.

- Enter a valid Sales account number (required field).

- Use the Tab key to navigate to the other columns. Enter valid account numbers if necessary. Note: These columns may be left blank for some items (i.e. Service items).

- Click the [Ok] button or press [F10] to Save. Press [Esc] to cancel.


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