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Transaction Dataport Parameters are used to control how data is exported and/or imported during a Sales Transaction. As a Sales Transaction is entered, Keystroke exports (prints to a .KFO file) and/or imports (reads from a .KFI file) data for the current transaction.

The format for the .KFO and .KFI data files is an INI file format. The Dataport Checkpoint Parameters determine the point in a sales transaction at which data is exported and/or imported. The Export function works similarly to the way a receipt is printed to file using the IMPTRN.NVC form. The Import function is the same as the Import Transaction function located under the Special Menu in Sales Manager and the data is imported similarly to the way IMPTRN.EXE imports sales transactions from the same INI file format. See Keystroke\Doc\ImpTRN.txt - for more information the format of the Export and Import files.

Note: If an Import Checkpoint is enabled, Keystroke will wait for the .KFI file to be imported for up to 2 seconds. After that time, a message is displayed prompting the Clerk to wait or to cancel. However, if the Export Checkpoint for the same parameter is also enabled, Keystroke will not wait for the .KFI file to be imported and will skip the import if the .KFI file is not available at the time the checkpoint is reached (thereby allowing line items (or other changes) to be made to the transaction without concern for interrupting a delayed import).

TRANSMON.EXE is a sample Windows program that uses Transaction Dataport parameters to monitor and update sales transactions as they are being entered. The program is not intended for use as is, but is provided as an example of what is possible. The Visual Basic source code is included (Keystroke\Forms\TransMon.FRM) and can be used as a starting point for another monitoring program. (See Keystroke\Doc\TransMon.txt for details about TransMon.exe).


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