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Store Link - Update Inventory

The Update Inventory function uses the Master store's inventory to update the inventory for the stores displayed on the list of available stores.

Use this function to update existing items, add new items, or both.

To Update Inventory:

- Select Update Inventory from the Store menu.

- Before the Update Inventory function runs, a warning message is displayed reminding the Clerk to backup data files before continuing.

- Select [Ok] to continue.

- All of the stores on the list of available stores (that do NOT have the Store Information - Exclude from Inventory Update parameter enabled) are updated with the data from the Master store's inventory.

- The Inventory Update Parameters settings are used to determine which fields are updated.

- To prevent a store from being updated, enable the Exclude from Inventory Update parameter in the Store Information settings.

- To prevent an item from an individual store from being updated, have an Authorized Keystroke Point Of Sale  Dealer add the NoStoreUpdate field to one of the Inventory Database Screens (this field is not included on the default database screens). The NoStoreUpdate is a check box field. When NoStoreUpdate is enabled, the Update Inventory function skips the item (as will the StrUpdte.exe program which is the same function). When looking at an item from the Master inventory, the item is skipped for all stores (both Add and Update). Before updating the item for each store, the NoStoreUpdate field is first checked and the update is skipped if NoStoreUpdate is enabled.

The Update Inventory function may also be run externally by running Keystroke\StrUpdte.exe which uses the settings stored in the Store-Link Module and supports all the standard Keystroke command line switches.


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